[MR] Retaining at Granada

Steph Taylor via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Fri Aug 28 05:55:19 PDT 2015

Retainers! Calling all retainers! You know who you are and we need your
help :-)

Granada is coming upon us fast and our Baron and Baroness will be in
attendance and since we can't have them getting into too much mischief we
need able bodies to help keep them on track....After all they have
champions to choose. If you can help retain or even just help set some
stuff up or take some stuff down then please follow the link below and sign
up and have some fun helping your Baron and Baroness out


Thank you so much!


"Any truly cultivated palate realizes how completely cocoa outclasses
coffee as a beverage of choice. Anyone but a barbarian knows that"
-Quote from Honor Among Enemies by David Weber

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