[MR] Flight of the Falcon (FREE EVENT) - Tournament Day in a Medieval Town

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Mon Aug 10 19:49:08 PDT 2015

DALLAS, NC (between Gastonia and Hickory, off Hwy 321 - Barony of Sacred Stone)Saturday, August 22, 2015Admission:  FREE             Feast:  $7/person

Site opens to pre-registered SCA members at 9am;  MOL opens at 9:30am
NOTE:  Starting at 10am, no vehicles permitted - Wallking site only starting at 10am when open to public

Spike:  http://acorn.atlantia.sca.org/event_flyer.php?event_id=32319d29Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1590859267814654/Website:  http://airefaucon.atlantia.sca.org/events/flight2015/index.html

Open to the Public -- Great for newcomers (contact GOLD KEY), this event focuses on activities occurring in a small medieval town on tournament day. Townspeople and visitors share the sights, sounds and smells during a typical day. It costs nothing to look, aka there is no admission fee.
 Admission: $0 Feast: $7/person, max feast = 80 
 As customary, feasts spots may be sponsored for newcomers so they can fully enjoy the day. Sponsors are welcome to pay for one or more feast spots than they need. 
 Come and behold the wonders of the tournament day!
Armored Combat:  German Barrier and Round RobinRapier:  TBA and Woods MeleeFiber Arts:  Fiber Solar All DayArtisans and Merchants:  All Day

AUTOCRAT: Lady Alexandra Scott de Northumberland (xndra_scott at yahoo dot com) 704.562.0220-- before 9pm, leave voicemail as needed.
 RESERVATIONS FREE OR FEAST: M'Lady Giovanna Dragonetti, FoF c/o Dawn Ratz- 293 Sunset Lake Rd Stanfield NC 28163. 704-305-2188 as needed, call before 9pm. Graciously,Alexandra Deputy for Dance, Atlantian Ministry of Arts & SciencesL'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse (http://dance.atlantia.sca.org)_________________________________Alexandra Scott de Northumberland
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