[MR] Nothing else like it in the Known World

Lorelei Elkins via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Aug 10 12:26:46 PDT 2015

My good people,

I would like to brag a little bit about the St. Sebastian's Shoot held at
Pennsic this year.  If you have not had the opportunity to read Lord
Janyn's account of it on the Announcement List, I have posted it below.
This is truly a one of a kind event, unlike any other in the entire Known
World.  Be proud, it is put on by Atlantia.

Here is a link to some of the photos taken that day.

Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe

PS I love the part (below) where he mentions that 45,000 arrows were loosed
during the day.  That is so awesome!

"This year marked the 5th Anniversary of the St. Sebastian’s target archery
shoot at Pennsic. Once again Atlantia archers showcased our Kingdom in the
highest light they could. We supported 275+ archers during the day to
include populous through Royalty from many Kingdoms. We have now supported
over 1300 archers since its inception and start 5 years ago. There were 31
Atlantian marshals, 3 marshals from the Mid and 3 from the East assisting
in the shoot. On average there were over 45,000 arrows loosed during the
day based on the 16 target stations. When the Pennsic staff would not
provide water and ice to the attendees at the range, the Baron and Baroness
took it upon themselves to gather the water containers and drive to their
camp and fill them all so the archers and marshals had water for the day.
Lady Esa provided lemonade and light snacks for the marshals as well.

The success for this shoot comes from the willingness of its leaders and
archers that support it. Even archers that could not attend Pennsic
contributed targets and award prizes. My wife Lady Aemilia Rosa gave up her
day to work the check in table and tabulate scores for the day. Once again
marshals from Atlantia forgave the chance to shoot and chose to work the
entire day on the range so that others might enjoy. A bow was donated from
Elk Ridge archery along with eight $25 gift certificates from Elk Ridge
archery. The funds donated once again from Atlantia archers and supporters.

Planning for this shoot starts in November of the previous year. I
typically start sending announcements about the theme and gathering help
along the way. Over the winter planning continues and work continues until
all is planned, and finalized. Score sheets are made and target station
cards are also printed. Award arrows and scrolls are produced along with
marshal favors and gifts.  All at the expense of myself and the other
generous Atlantian archers supporting this shoot.

I could never conduct the shoot without the help of so many and I am proud
to be part of such a dedicated and committed team! Vivat Atlantia archers
you deserve it!

Janyn Fletcher, DEM TA Atlantia"

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