[MR] Period fireworks

logan dukelogan at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 18 14:27:07 PDT 2003

as someone who camps in n22 (right across the road from those two) and as
someone who watched the fireworks from camp that night i dont see any way
possible that the rumor you heard is true.  the commotion a fire would have
brought about makes it even more difficult to believe.  not to mention the
distance from where the fireworks went off and where our blocks of land are
located makes it even less believable.

if they do them again i will be sure to have all the video camera batteries
charged this time.


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I heard a fairly convincing rumor about the fireworks.
it seems that they will not happen again because the
sparks fell on some encampments in the N21 and N23
area. apparently some tents were destroyed and some
people burned by the falling sparks. 

Sean Sorrentino
sdsorrentino at yahoo.com

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