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Response to our announcement of the CREATIVITY CHALLENGE at Hidden Mountain
Baronial Birthday has been gratifying indeed. 


But we've received a few queries as to competitions not involving on site
work for those with other obligations during their time on site.


Never fear!  


Forty years ago King Olaf in the Hidden Mountain Charter said:

"From time immemorial, Hidden Mountain has known how to have fun.


Taking that as our guiding text we have made our themes for the day
creativity and fun with a variety of competitions designed to allow as many
folk as may wish to participate.


.        Best celebration in any medium of one or more individuals or events
in Hidden Mountain's 40 year history":  Paint a portrait, create an original
poem or song, embroider a historical scene, carve a statue.  When we say
"any medium", we mean it!


.        Best birthday present to the Barony: Think of anything that you can
create that the Barony could use: Cooler covers, toys for the toy box,
finger-woven medallion cords, small handmade items for gift baskets, wall
hangings, boxes or baskets for gift exchanges, regalia for baronial
officers. (All gifts become property of the Barony!) 


.        Best use of the Barony's heraldry in any medium:  Order and/or
award medallions, scroll blanks for baronial awards, tabards or sashes for
retainers and/or champions. (It's the Barony's birthday on only heraldry
registered to the Barony is eligible for this competition. ]We'll be
sponsoring similar competitions for the cantons down the road.] Again,
anything that uses heraldry "owned" by the Barony becomes property of the


.        Threadbenders' Delight: Show Our Colors: Best example of fiber arts
in the Barony's colors of black, white with possibly a hint of gold or
yellow. Any fiber art is eligible: weaving, embroidery, knitting, sprang,
kumihimo, anything that bends thread or yarn.  Make a favor of the baronial
badge for your own belt or to donate to the Barony, embroider a blackwork
collar and cuffs, edge a white veil with black needle lace and gold beads.
As long as it is black, white and yellow/gold, it counts!


Important Notes:


.        All these competitions, like the CREATIVITY CHALLENGE, may be
entered by those who do not reside in the Barony (or the Kingdom, for that


.        A single item may be entered in more than one competition.  For
instance, a set of kumihimo cords in black, white and gold could be entered
in both the Baronial Birthday Present and the Threadbender's Delight.  A
cooler cover embroidered or appliqued with the Baronial arms could be
entered not only in those two categories but also in the Best Use of
Heraldry category.  All you have to do is to indicate your intention when
you check in with the Arts and Sciences team on Saturday morning.


.        All non-performance entries will be judged using blind scoring.  If
you provide email, Facebook or snail mail addresses, we will send you
complete judging results with a few days of the event.


.        We currently plan to have sign-up and drop off of entries for
everything open in the Hall from 9 a.m. to morning court and from after
court to noon to accommodate those daytripping.  Sign-ins for the CREATIVITY
CHALLENGE may be begun before court, but work on your project may not begin
until after morning court.


For any questions or to get approved images of any heraldry you plan to use
in your entrie, contact Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane at
silverdragon at charleston.net <mailto:silverdragon at charleston.net>  with any
questions or to get approved images of any heraldry you plan to use in your


Vivat Hidden Mountain, putting the creativity in Creative Anachronism for
more than 40 years!


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