[MR] Please donate and buy books at KASF!

Lara Coutinho orangesophie at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 18:27:30 PST 2024

At KASF, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival, this Saturday March 2, you can
donate your used books to the KASF Booksale Fundraiser!
We'll turn around and sell them for $1, or a donation of your choice.
Funds will be applied to future site rental for future KASFs.
We've raised over $300 so far doing this at Universities and Twelfth Night.

Clean out your book stashes! Donate your books! Buy books cheap! Support
(PLEASE come buy the books so I don't have to take them home!)

Please direct questions to me, Dame Sophia the Orange, Kingdom Minister of
Arts and Sciences, via moas at officer.atlantia.sca.org
...and if you happen to have a little time to help me at the booth, I would
love a break to walk around the displays!

Sincerely yours,
Dame Sophia the Orange, KMOAS

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