[MR] What to expect at the Festival of Elvegast?

Lara Coutinho orangesophie at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 08:40:11 PDT 2024

This weekend in central North Carolina, The Festival of Elvegast will bring
you Archery, Thrown Weapons, a Titans Tournament for fighting, period
games, a Bocci Tournament, music, singing with the Atlantia Chamber
Singers, a magnificent Italian feast, and a once-in-a-lifetime production
of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew!  All the info you need is on the
website:  https://the-festival-of-elvegast.windmastershill.org

Why is the Shakespeare show "Once-in-a-lifetime?"  Producing Shakespeare's
plays in as period-accurate a fashion as possible takes an ungodly amount
of work for a lot of people, and we may never do it again. Dunno - we'll
see. This time, the Canton of Elvegast and the Scrap Paper Shakespeare
Company came together in a never-before-done partnership, and it's working
out very well.  We're each doing what we do well and supporting the mission
of the other organization while we do it.  Elvegast provides space for the
play and the kind of historical immersion into a time from history that the
SCA is famous for. Scrap Paper Shakespeare is bringing trained actors, a
brilliant Director, memorized lines, period-informed costumes and props,
and a troupe of professionals to engage SCAdians in as close as we can
manage to a 16th-century experience.

How can you see and support this brilliant SCA event & Shakespeare

See the SCA immersive event on April 13 website here:

AND/OR Buy tickets to the "normal" production of Taming of the Shrew the
next day, April 14, here:

If you can help with fundraising, please bid on an auction piece! Or donate
directly. Options for you are here:

Be sure to watch the videos on the event's website for cultural context!
The Taming of the Shrew is one of the most debated of Shakespeare's works!
It's DEEPER than what the surface words say!  I look forward to a
passionate debate about the play while we eat the magnificent feast by
Elvegast's Head Cook, Baronne Guenièvre de Monmarché (Jennifer Soucy)!

This rare event holds fun and engagement for all comers! Ask questions here
or contact anyone on the event staff:

See you Saturday!
Sincerely yours,
Dame Sophia the Orange, OL

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