[MR] A&S at Bright Hills Baronial Birthday

Deirdre O'Bardon deirdre_obardon at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 8 16:09:00 PST 2023

Bright Hills is celebrating its Baronial Birthday.  Our soon to be Baron and Baroness, Graham andFreydis are seeking a new A&S Champion. Could it be you? But you say I’m entering the poetry or brewingcompetition. That’s great! Why not put your entry in the A&S competitiontoo?  We will give extra points forentries related to the story of the of the dwarf King Laurin and his rosegarden or to baronial elevations.  Asalways, there will be prizes.

What if you don’t like competitions?  That’s okay too.  There will be a table for A&S opendisplays.

If you have any questions, please contact me (Deirdre O’Bardon)at Deirdre_obardon [AT] yahoo.com.

Lærimoðir Deirdre

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