[MR] Need for Heralds, Seconds/Back-Up Heralds

Danielle Scott feymaker at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 12:59:16 PST 2023

Greetings, It's your Silver Nautilus herald again. (please don't shoot me)
I'm looking for Seconds/Back-Up Heralds for the following events:
1/28 Ice Castles - Black Diamond (Roanoke VA)
2/17-19/23 Tournament of Ymir - Windmaster's Hill (Ellerbe, NC) Please
offer your services this is a weekend long event and usually has many
courts (let's not kill Master Hagar's voice)
2/25-26/23 Raven's Cove Baronial Birthday - Raven's Cove (Richlands, NC)
3/4/23 Kingdom Arts & Sciences - TBD - (If you're a herald and planning to
attend once the event site is posted please let me know) I need both a
herald and back-up.
3/11-19/23 Gulf War's - Glenn Albhann - I'm in need of at least one if not
more heralds that will be going to war. Please make sure you have
availability to check in with Mistress Tannis and his Majesty as to what
they will need to schedule.
3/24-26 Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday - I'm in need of a second/back-up
heralds for this weekend.
4/20-23/23 BAWT II - Moorhaven (North Myrtle Beach, SC) In need of a
Primary and Secondary/Back-up herald)
5/19/23 Hawkwood Baronial Birthday - Hawkwood (Old Fort, NC)


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