[MR] Crown list?

lizhanes lizhanes at cox.net
Sun Apr 30 20:56:26 PDT 2023

Copied From Facebook Greetings Atlantia,Here is the crown tourney list of combatants: Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer fighting for Mistress Mary Isabel of HeatherstoneDuke Bryan of Sacred Stone fighting for Duchess Brianna O DuinnVicountess Marion Leoncina De Susa fighting for Viscount Elesar of NorthumbriaSir Daemon Broussard fighting for Mistress Typhanie du LocSir Vladimir Mechnik fighting for Lady Tommasa IslonaSir Randall de Gloucester  fighting for Lady Iul'iana KrasnaiaSir Conall mac Aodha mic Reamoinn fighting for Dame Juliana GreneMaster Tors Hartman fighting for Lady Marta de LyonSir Vilhjalmr VigaGalti fighting for Lady Helga VihljalmkonaMaster Baru le Bataillier (Bumi) fighting for Lady Celestria Alexandre d'AmiensMaster Alric the Mad fighting for Maistrea Cellach MorSir Bevan Bevan fighting for Lady Keelin O'DuinnSir Cyriac Grymsdale fighting for Maestra Lidia de RagusaLord Bors Boden fighting for Lady Maria MousetowerLord Aaron of Moorhaven fighting for Baroness Nuala inghen MangusaLord Marcus de Rath fighting for Lady Andromeda XanthiaBaron Dubhghall mac Donnchaidh fighting for Baroness Tyra JonsdatterBaron Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain fighting for Mistress Edan LoweryBaron Roibeard MacOscar fighting for Baroness Helena de BerkelyLord Alesander Davison fighting for Lady Siobhán inghean mhic EochadhaLord Carrick Mac Manus fighting for m'lady Þórví SinsdóttirLord Griffin Warwick fighting for Lady Cecilie CassaireBaron Cormacc ua Rigain fighting for Baroness Sarra de VicenzaNoble Kálfr inn Kaldráði fighting for Gentle Medb HerburtonLord Hákon brimill fighting for Lady Hrefna blindaLord Wang Wei Yuan fighting for Magnifica Hildegard BergerinLord Wulfgar Ironmanger fighting for Lady  Anastaciia of MoorhavenLord Yury Vasilovich fighting for Lady Isabelle LaFarAfshin, KingYasmin, QueenSent from my Galaxy
-------- Original message --------From: Michael Houghton via Atlantia <atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org> Date: 4/30/23  21:07  (GMT-05:00) To: Merry Rose <atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org> Subject: [MR] Crown list? Howdy!Has the list of combatants for Crown Tourney been published? I havenot seen anything on email, and I'm not really following Discord orFacebook. I expected to see something here by now.yours,Herveus-- Michael Houghton   | Herveus d'Ormondeherveus at gmail.com         | White Wolf and the PhoenixLanham, MD, USA            | Tablet and Inkle bands, and other stuff                          | http://whitewolfandphoenix.com========================================================================                   The Merry Rose Tavern    List Info: http://merryrose.atlantia.sca.org/  Submissions: Atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.orgSubscriptions: http://seahorse.atlantia.sca.org/listinfo.cgi/atlantia-atlantia.sca.org

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