[MR] Summer Session of the University of Atlantia Track Proposals Due Soon

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Wed Apr 5 14:41:23 PDT 2023

Did you know that the deadline for Track Proposals is this Saturday, April
8th? The University of Atlantia is now accepting class and track proposals
for Summer University 2023!

The 113th session of the University of Atlantia will be held IN PERSON June
10, 2023 and ONLINE June 11, 2023.

Important dates for this session:
* April 8, 2023: Track proposals due
* April 16, 2023: Individual class proposals due
* May 8 - June 6, 2023: Class Registration Open

Log on to the University of Atlantia website (
http://university.atlantia.sca.org/teach.php) to:
* Submit a new class or resubmit a class you’ve taught before
* Learn more about teaching or organizing a track of classes
* Just have an idea for a class but don't know where to turn

Class proposal information can be submitted via either the University
website or email. To make scheduling classes easier, please only request a
specific class time if absolutely necessary.
If you email a class proposal, please include the following information:
* Instructor name (SCA and modern)
* Class title
* Fees (if any)
* Max number of students (if applicable)
* Duration of class (1 hour, 2 hours, or more)
* Class description
* Additional needs such as a hosted virtual room or online TA

More information about the event is available here:
https://fb.me/e/4UykMTTF1 and https://fb.me/e/2FGKQUm8O in addition to the
University website at university.atlantia.sca.org

Thank you for supporting the University of Atlantia!

Isobel of Carnewyth,
External Communications
University of Atlantia

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