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On this date in 1502, Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, died at Ludlow Castle.
His death was blamed on "a malign vapour which proceeded from the air."
This has been variously suggested to have been tuberculosis, malaria or
influenza. Influenza is the most likely, as his young bride Catherine also
fell ill at the same time.

Arthur's death automatically moved his brother Henry into top spot to
succeed their father Henry VII on the throne of England. And was that ever
to cause trouble! How different the world might have been had Arthur not
gasped away his final breath that day. England would likely have remained
Catholic, Bloody Mary and Elizabeth might never have ruled. Scotland might
still be independent. The possibilities of an alternate history are endless.

Arthur was entombed at Worcester Cathedral in an amazing chantry. The
chantry was spared the depredations of the protestant reformation and
remains much as it was when completed in 1507, although the rest of the
church was badly trashed by Henry VIII's agents.

There is some question about whether Arthur is actually in the above-floor
tomb. Archaeological scans in 2011 suggest he is actually buried in an
adjacent crypt beneath the chantry floor, and that the tomb itself is empty.

Worcester Cathedral also contains the grave of the infamous King John of
Magna Carta fame.

A bio of Arthur's brief life is at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur,_Prince_of_Wales .

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