[MR] Winter University Session is now accepting class proposals!

Isobel of Carnewyth isobelofcarnewyth at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 14:02:32 PST 2021

The University of Atlantia is now accepting class and track proposals for
Winter University 2022!

The 109th Session of the University of Atlantia will be held ONLINE on
February 5-6, 2022.

Important planning dates for the session:

* Dec 3, 2021: Track Proposals Due
* Dec 10, 2021: Individual Class Proposals Due

Following popular demand and our ability to hold multi-day online
university sessions--as well as our commitment to hosting Winter University
sessions online--we are excited to invite proposals for both individual
classes and tracks of thematically related classes.

Share your knowledge with the kingdom and visitors from throughout the
Known Worlde!

Log on to the University of Atlantia website (
http://university.atlantia.sca.org/teach.php) to:
* Submit a new class or resubmit a class you’ve taught before
* Learn more about teaching or organizing a track of classes
* Just have an idea for a class but don't know where to turn
Class proposal information can be submitted via either the University
website or email. To make scheduling classes easier, please only request a
specific class time if absolutely necessary.

If you email a class proposal, please include the following information:
* Instructor name (SCA and modern)
* Class title
* Fees (if any)
* Max number of students (if applicable)
* Duration of class (1 hour, 2 hours, or more)
* Class description
More information about the event is available here:
Thank you for supporting the University of Atlantia! YIS, Isobel of
Carnewyth, External Communications for University of Atlantia

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