[MR] Poeta Atlantiae Competition at Coronation Annoucement

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Mon May 17 10:31:18 PDT 2021

Poets of Atlantia! Is there any fairer maiden than language, and any
homeland for her more beautiful than our kingdom by the sea? Who among you
is called to serve as the foremost standard bearer for the beauty of words
and the honor of Crown and Country? I hereby announce the search for the
next Poeta Atlantia, to be announced at this Coronation on June 26th 2021,
AS 26. The Poeta Atlantia is selected by their Majesties during the Poeta
Atlantia Competition, serves at the pleasure of the Crown, and is expected
to fulfill certain duties during their tenure, further discussed below.

Competition Criteria

It has been a year of change for the Kingdom of Atlantia. Many of us have
been distant from friends,  family, the normal rhythms of our daily lives,
and the pursuits we hold dear, but it has also been a year of growth and
reflection. The metal of the spirit of Atlantia has been tested and it has
been found to be true, with an unsurpassed vigor and strength
characteristic of our shining kingdom. Now, at long last, we begin to
return to our chosen homes again.

Poets must enter two poems that meet the following criteria:

A poem celebrating the journey : One poem must meditate on the experiences
and/or lessons learned of a long voyage or time away.

A poem for coming home: One poem must evoke the emotional experience of
coming home at last after a long journey.

Both poems must be written in forms that existed prior to 1600 CE. Each
poem must be in a different form. For example, if your first poem is a
ballad, the second poem must be a different form, such as a tanka, ghazal,
or sonnet.

Documentation is required, but need not be terribly long. At a minimum,
your documentation should identify the forms used in your poetry. If your
documentation will exceed 4 pages, please provide the main points up front
in bullet-point form, noting on which page judges can find details for each
point. You may find it helpful to look at this EZDoc form (

Special consideration will be given to the emotional impact of the pieces.
The next Poeta Atlantiae will be chosen by Their Majesties, or their
representatives, with the advice of the judges. Judges will use this
judging sheet found at this link.


Poets will submit their entries with accompanying documentation, signed
release form
<http://chronicler.atlantia.sca.org/ReleaseCreativeFillable.pdf>, and a
link or copy of a video of the poet reading their poems out loud in garb
via this Google Form <https://forms.gle/mkATTsGV6DphExDv8> (strongly
preferred) or via email to poeta at atlantia.sca.org . Entries will be
accepted until 11 pm EST on Sunday June 14th.


An incoming Poeta Atlantiae should be aware of several duties in Atlantian
Law that come with the position:

The Poeta Atlantiae is expected to encourage all types of poetry in

They should also seek to serve the Crown in all ways possible regarding
their art.

The Poeta Atlantiae should sponsor two competitions during their tenure
within Atlantia.

They should work with Branch A&S Officers to encourage others to explore
the period poetry.

Last, they should teach others in venues as appropriate and reasonable.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Poeta Atlantiae must also
oversee the selection of their successor at the following Fall Coronation.
This competition should have several guidelines:

The Poeta Atlantiae is selected for excellence in composition of poetry in
at least two period forms.

The competition shall be run by the current Poeta Atlantiae, as a
representative of the Crown, in consultation with the appropriate Great
Officer of State.

If the Poeta Atlantiae is unable to run the competition for their
successor, the Crown, in consultation with the appropriate Great Officer of
State, will designate a proxy to run the competition.

The competition should be announced on the Kingdom Announcements List and
in the Kingdom newsletter’s electronic addendum at least twice before the
event where the competition takes place.

The current Poeta Atlantiae, in conjunction with the appropriate Great
Officer of State, will set the details of the competition and judging
standards. Judges should be drawn from the following:

The Crown or their proxy

The Heirs or their proxy

The appropriate Great Officer of State or their proxy

The current Poeta Atlantiae

Additional judges may be chosen at the discretion of the Poeta Atlantiae

In no case should there be fewer than three judges.

While the judging and feedback is important, it is important to remember
that the final decision on who will be your successor is solely up to Their
Royal Majesties. Deviation from these guidelines, while definitely
possible, must be approved by Their Royal Majesties. Yours in Service,

Lady Talia de Morales

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