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Noble Friends,

A recently-sold miniature portrait thought to be of Sir Walter Raleigh, has
been identified as a rare image of the French King Henry III (reigned
1574-1589). To add to the significance, when the painting was removed from
its frame, the inscription "Facit par decourt 1578" [Created by Decourt
1578] was found. This has been construed to be Jean Decourt, noted
miniaturist and court painter to various royalty of the time. Whew! What a

The story and photos are at http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/60599 .

Henry III inherited the throne of France after his brother Charles IX died
of tuberculosis without producing an heir. Henry ruled France during a
phase of the Wars of Religion, which pitted Catholics against Huguenot
Protestants. At first Henry tried a policy of tolerance, which pleased
nobody. This led to a three-way civil war among the Catholic League, the
Huguenots, and the King's own forces. At a parlay, Henry betrayed and
executed the head of the Catholic League, Henry I, Duke of Guise, and the
Duke's brother, Louis, Cardinal of Guise. In retaliation, Henry III later
was stabbed to death by a fanatical Dominican friar.

You can read more about Henry III at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_III_of_France .

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