[MR] Unevent MOAS meeting

Atlantian KMoAS atlantiankmoas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 17:24:09 PST 2020


Unevent this weekend the MOAS officers meeting will be at 12:45 pm the link
is on https://virtual.atlantia.sca.org/unevent2020.php in the calendar ,
click the name of the meeting to get the link for officer meetings.

This meeting is not limited to just MOAS officers. Please if you are
wanting to help support the Arts and Sciences feel free to join in.

If you are an officer and you have a conflict with the meeting ( the
Seneschal meeting is at the same time) please have a deputy or proxy show
up to the MOAS meeting.

Topics that will be discussed during the unevent meeting, University, KASF,
digital competitions, tempora, in person events and a few other things.

I will also be holding an office hour for the hour after the meeting. If
anyone has concerns or wants to talk to me about any A&S related issue. Or
if anyone has any new ideas that they want to float!!

The performing arts guild will also be meeting at unevent  at 2pm again see
the schedule for the link


*Yours, in Service & Art,*

Lady Marion le Red
*Atlantian Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences*

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