[MR] Unevent 2020 Schedule

Webminister, Atlantia webminister at atlantia.sca.org
Tue Dec 1 03:51:30 PST 2020

Current scheduling and virtual meeting details for Unevent sessions may be
found on Virtual Atlantia at the following link:


Order meetings are restricted to members of those Orders and members should
have received the meeting link directly from your Principal.

Please, as a matter of housekeeping, do not attempt to join a meeting
before the scheduled start time.

I hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Unevent.

Yours in Service, Ciphers, & Stabbings,

Lord Melchior zum grauen Wolf
Webminister, Atlantia

   - webminister at atlantia.sca.org (to reach me directly)
   - webteam at atlantia.sca.org (to reach the whole team)
   - http://web.atlantia.sca.org/ticket.php (to report something broken or
   out of date)

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