[MR] Harvest Wars, Sept. 27 - 29 A & S activities

Karen Whitlock chagankhulan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 16:45:06 PDT 2019

Greetings All,
     Harvest Wars is coming soon!!! Are you ready for some awesome A & S
Greetings from the Barony of Bright Hills!
I offer a reminder of A & S activities at our event "Harvest Wars", to be
held on September 27- 29, 2019 in Denton, Maryland.
The theme of Harvest Wars is reflected in the event name. So, to honor that
the A & S activities will be having their own competitions.
For those of an industrious mindset, who love a challenge, we offer our own
version of the Persona Pentathlon. We call it the Harvest Triathlon!
The Harvest Triathlon will have 6 different categories from which you may
choose 3 topics for your entries. All categories are relevant to the
harvest season, it’s activities, trials and tribulations. Your entries
should reflect their relationship to the harvest season and how it will
benefit surviving the “Dark Months”. Entries do NOT need to match your
persona. Documentation is required.
The Triathlon Categories are as follows;
1. Oat Cakes - This is the food category. Recipes, Preservation methods,
special dishes, baked goods, etc.
2. A Wee Dram - Beverages for the Winter months. Alcoholic and
3. Hedge witches and Ague cures - Herbalism in all its glory. Uses for
various herbs, recipes for all sorts of 'cures', Customs and practices of
herbalists and 'Wise Women'. Bring your own leeches.
4. Everything but the Baa! - Once the meat and certain organs are
harvested, what uses can you find for hides, hooves, bones, horns, etc.
5. Holidays and Cabin Fever! - Holiday customs and practices,
superstitions, holiday games, dances, things to keep the little ones
occupied, music and musical instruments. Needlework, sewing, beading, etc.
6. Whittling away the days - Wood - wooden tools, weapons, utensils, looms,
toys, anything but firewood.
Not up to such a wild and crazy challenge? Fear not! We also offer other A
& S activities and another competition.
Try out the “New to Me Novice Competition”. Have you tried a new art or
skill in the last year? Want to get some feed back on it and/or try out
your very first A & S competition? Documentation is suggested but not
required. You may want to leave a notepad or 3x5 cards with your entry so
admirers can leave helpful hints and comments.
Bacon, Bacon, Bacon - In honor of Master Chiirhart and his love of Bacon we
offer The Master Chirhart Blackstar Commemorative Challenge! This will be a
Bacon based competition. You may prepare your entry ahead of time or you
may cook it on site. Be advised that you will NOT have access to the
kitchen and you may not cook using a ground fire. Due to safety regulations
you must use a raised cooking system - a fire bowl, a propane or charcoal
cooker/hibachi/grill are all acceptable. This is cooking Pennsic style!
There will be an Open Display for those who do not wish to compete. We
suggest you leave a notepad or 3x5 cards for comments and suggestions.
Bardic Fyts will be happening! Bring out your best songs, stories, poems,
musical instruments, etc.! Most likely there will be a Bardic circle after
the feast.
For additional information or rules for any of the A & S activities please
contact the Autocrat, Baroness Tatiana Ivanovna (Claudia Boswell) at
410-437-7090 or via e-mail at crbosworth at aol.com
We look forward to seeing Atlantia’s latest wondrous A & S projects.

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