[MR] BBC: Scottish Woman Who Stood Up To The Witch Hunt

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Noble Friends, Especially Fellow Scots,

Today the BBC has a brief feature about Marion Walker, a courageous woman
who fought against the Glasgow witch hysteria of 1597.

The pogram was a massive series of accusations, tortures, trails and
executions of so-called witches. Many of the cases were based on
accusations by a so-called witch finder, Margaret Aitken. Margaret was
abetted by Presbyterian ministers, particularly John Cowper. King James VI,
who was a religious fanatic when it came to witchcraft, supported the witch

At some point the ministers became suspicious of Margaret's accusations,
and tested her by having the same people she had previously accused or
exonerated appear before her again in different clothes. In many cases she
gave a different verdict on their second appearance. Realizing they had
been duped and had executed many innocent people, the ministers did what
people in power often do when they blunder badly--they opted for a massive

Enter Marion Walker, who wasn't going to allow the ministers to hide their
crimes. She obtained documents which showed their guilt, especially Cowper,
and had them leaked. Marion later supported the Jesuit John Ogilvy, though
he was still executed.

Quite a brave woman, I would say.

Enjoy the article at

More about the witch hunt is found at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Scottish_Witch_Hunt_of_1597 .

Margaret Aitken rates her own page at

Although there is no mention of Marion Walker here, the story of Saint John
Ogilvie is found at

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