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Greetings unto the populace of Atlantia from Triton Herald, Eldred AElfwald!

Their Majesties of Atlantia, Cuan and Signy, held a Tournament this past weekend to determine who would become the Heirs to Atlantia's thrones.  During the day, they held three Courts.

Here follows my account of the honors bestowed during the first Court of the day by Their Majesties of Atlantia, Cuan and Signy.

During the procession of those vying for the honor of serving as Atlantia's Heirs, Their Majesties elevated Syerni Afkarr to the rank of Lady with an Award of Arms.

Their Majesties also found the artwork of Natalya Susanina zhena Medvednikogoteva to be worthy of recognition and did induct her into the Order of the Coral Branch and elevated her to the rank of Lady.

Their Majesties had no further Court business until the end of the Tournament. 

Let Atlantia rejoice, for we have new Heirs to the Throne of Atlantia!  Duke Anton Tremayne was victorious in battle, and thus has been crowned Prince of Atlanta, and in so doing, has crowned Duchess Luned of Snowden as Princess of Atlantia.  The crowning of the Heirs was the sole item of business at the end of the Tournament.

As the sun was setting, Their Majesties, Cuan and Signy held a Great Court.  Here follows my account of that Court.

Lord Alexandre de La Rochelle was recognized in person with the Silver Nautilus that has been awarded in his absence during War of the Wings.  His proud parents, Master Lucien de la Rochelle, and Mistress Brig ingean Erennaigh were called forth to show what good lineage Lord Alexandre comes from.

Before Mistress Brig was given leave to depart, Their Majesties had some words for her.  Indeed, several worthies were summoned along with the Order of the Pelican to share words for Mistress Brig upon her induction into the Order.

The Company of the Sergeants of St. Aidan were summoned into the Royal Presence, and they inducted a new member into their Company:  Baroness Caterina di Paulo.

Their Majesties then requested the presence of Eleana of Misty Marsh and elevated her to the ranks of the nobility with an Award of Arms.

The Children of Atlantia were invited before Their Majesties, and gave chase to Curtis of Hidden Mountain, who had been given custody of the Royal Toy Box.

Newcomers were then invited into Court and made welcome to Atlantia.  A lucky 3 received feast gear via a raffle organized by Lady Aultani.

Felicia, otherwise known as Pershang of the Valley was called into the Royal Presence, and was elevated to the rank of Lady by induction into the Order of the Opal for her work as an exchequer.

Lady Caitrina inghean Eoin was then summoned, but alas, she was not in attendance.  However, Their Majesties did recognize  her work as a Minister of Arts & Sciences as well as her participation in multiple large demos, and inducted her into the Order of the Opal.

Their Majesties then required the presence of Lady Rikitsa Kippsdotter and inducted her into the Order of the Coral Branch for her skill in tablet weaving and braiding.

Lord Hrothgar Ironstone was summoned into Court and recognized for his services, primarily as a marshal, by being inducted into the Order of the Opal.

Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane was then called forth as the Autocrat to wax eloquently, yet briefly, upon the day's other activities and help administer the awarding of prizes for the Youth Tournament and A&S competitions.

As the moon rose and twilight descended, Ragnarr of Brockore Abbey was called forth from where he had been serving, and justly elevated to the ranks of the nobility with an Award of Arms.

Attendees of the most recent War of the Wings knew the deserved recognition of Viscountess Marion Leoncina da Susa, who was awarded the Silver Nautilus for creating the 1200+ site tokens, and the prizes for that event.

Mistress Alesia Gillefalyn was then awarded the Herring for her work as autocrat for War of the Wings XIV.

Before she was allowed to depart, her escort into Court, Master Robert de Bardoulf was then recognized with a Fountain for the creation of the G'uber transportation service to allow those in need of mobility assistance to navigate War of the Wings' site more easily.

Lady Ellisif Gydadottir was required to appear before Their Majesties in order to receive a Silver Nautilus for creating the garters for the Iron Rose Tournament.

As the final item of business, Lord Vincenzo d'Este (in absentia) was awarded a Fountain for managing the parking at War of the Wings.

Here ends my account of the business done by King Cuan and Queen Signy at Their Crown Tournament.

In service,
Eldred AElfwald
Triton Herald

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