[MR] Christophe of Grey, Hunting in the Afterlife.

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Fri May 31 16:40:12 PDT 2019

Good Mistress,

What would a person in Registration have to do? 
Would it be a sitting job?

Lady Katheryne aff Kringskiep

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We are still in need of quite a few archery marshals to assist in running
this event.  If you can help with registration (no need to be a marshal)
that is needed as well.  Please consider giving just a few hours to make
this last (and best) event worthy of Atlantia.

Contact Atlantia's DEM of Target Archery, Master Seamus McRay (
seamusmcray at gmail.com) or Deputy DEM for Target Archery Master Colum
Maxwell (Peter Darby pjdarby at verizon.net).

Shoot Straight,
Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe

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