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On this date in 1546, David Beaton, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Cardinal
of Scotland, was murdered at his home in St. Andrews Castle.

Beaton was heavily involved in Scottish politics during the reign of King
James V and the regency of the infant Mary Queen of Scots. Scotland was
then riven by religious disputes between Catholics and the growing
Protestant movement, plus political tension among pro-French and
pro-English factions, with ardent Scottish nationalists who disliked
meddling from both countries thrown into the mix. The Cardinal, naturally,
took the Catholic position and politically was pro-French/anti-English. He
was described by some detractors as the "Best Frenchman in Scotland".

Cardinal Beaton's downfall came following Protestant-leaning preacher
George Wishart's execution for heresy at St. Andrews University (his
initials are set in stone in the pavement at the site of his burning). A
few months later a group of anti-Catholic Scots broke into Beaton's
quarters. After daggering the Cardinal multiple times in the popular
Scottish fashion, his body was hung out a window for all to see. To say
Scottish politics could be a bit rough is something of an
understatement--almost everybody carried a dirk.

More about Cardinal Beaton can be found at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Beaton .

George Wishart's story is found at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Wishart .

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