[MR] ConCarolinas 2019 (31May-2-Jun)

Wayne Remes wremes at carolina.rr.com
Thu May 23 13:42:07 PDT 2019


It's that time of year again!!!                    It's that time of year


                            C O N C A RO L I N I A S!!!!



Time for SCA members to rub elbows with Klingons, Browncoats, Storm
Troopers, as well as GoT  and Anime Cosplayers. There will be beings with
wings, beings with tails, timelords, Wizards, Jedi Knights, superheros and
of course legends of Scifi and Fantasy literature and silver screen in
attendance. That's right it's time for ConCarolinas again. 

 <https://concarolinas.org/> https://concarolinas.org/


This year the special guests are David Weber, Aaron  Rosenberg and Tory


The SCA will again be hosting the Anarchian Crown Tourney (Anarchia is an
SCAesque Kingdom from John Ringo's Council Wars series). Armored Fighters
bring your armor and vie to join the prestigious line of Anarchian Monarchy.
The tourney will be a bear pit and is open all authorized SCA armored
fighters who have paid the Convention entrance fee. The tourney will take
place Saturday morning (1 Jun) at 10:00AM, with a parade of fighters thru
the Con forming at 9:30AM at the SCA table.

This tourney will be followed by the Dread Pirate Roberts Tourney 


See ya there





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