[MR] Royal Court Reports from Hawkwood's Baronial Birthday and Gathering of the Clans

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Greetings from Triton,

At Hawkwood's Baronial Birthday and Gathering of the Clans, Their Majesties, Christoph and Adelhait were pleased to recognize and elevate several people.

At the beginning of the day, a brief Court was opened to announce that Duchess Lynette Semere is the new Kingdom Chamberlain.  Following that announcement, Lord Alain ap Dafydd was summoned before Their Majesties to be placed on vigil to contemplate joining the Order of the Laurel.

Midafternoon, during a break in the day's activities, Their Majesties held a Court upon the rapier field to recognize Lord Mathias von Haud Panther as a Companion of the Order of the Sea Dragon.

Here follows an account of the evening Court of Their Majesties of Atlantia, Christoph and Adelhait.

At the beginning of Court, Their Majesties invited the newcomers into Their Presence and twenty-four people answered the invitation.  Tokens and gifts were bestowed by Their Majesties, and also by Their Excellencies of Hawkwood, ensuring a mighty welcome was given.

Their Excellencies of Hawkwood, Edward and Gracia were given leave to conduct business which will be reported in more detail by Goshawk.

Taking an opportunity when certain individuals were called forward during Hawkwood's Court, Their Majesties did recognize Lord Robert Leftehand of Weymouth as a Companion of the Opal.

When Katie O'Malley was brought before Their Excellencies of Hawkwood, Their Majesties required that she stay a few moments longer in order that They might elevate her to the nobility of Atlantia with not only an Award of Arms, but further, a Grant of Arms.

Following Hawkwood's Court, Their Majesties, Christoph and Adelhait had additional business to conduct.

Lord Mathias was presented with his scroll--a fabulous map--that had been created by the Scrivener Royal, Lady Helene.

Ryn Ormsdottir was escorted into the Royal Presence and was recognized as a Companion of the King's Missiliers and elevated the ranks of Atlantia's nobility.

Their Majesties then requested the presence of the Order of the White Scarf, and it was noted that their numbers were incomplete.  Lord Gilbert de Chatillon was sought and escorted before Their Majesties and was inducted into the Order.  Of significant note, he was given a "s-k-roll" that recounted his deeds and commemorated his elevation to the Order of the White Scarf.

In awe of the "most metal" of scrolls that has been given in Atlantia, Their Majesties were pleased to recognize Their other Scrivener Royal, Lady Murin Dunn with an Award of the Silver Nautilus.

The children of Atlantia were invited before Their Majesties and were given leave to chase Lord Arias (who was given custody of the toy chest).  His skill in following a serpentine escape route was noted with awe, yet the children of Atlantia were quite perspacious and finally captured their prizes.

Lady Cyneswith of Lost Forest was then summoned and was recognized as a Companion of the Opal for her work with youth and scribal arts.

Lord Alwin of Nottinghill Coill was called forth.  His many years of service were recounted and in recognition, he was inducted into the Order of the Golden Dolphin.

Their Majesties requested the presence of Lady Bridget o'Shay that she be recognized as a Companion of the Order of the Coral Branch.

Having survived the ministrations of Atlantia's children, Lord Arias Velarde de Santillana Del Mar was invited before Their Majesties in order to be recognized as Companion of the Order of the Coral Branch.

The Order of the Golden Dolphin was then requested to form ranks down the aisle of Court to welcome Lord Ihone Munro as one their number.

As the final item of Their Majesties' Court, Lord Alain ap Dafydd was invited before the Thrones of Atlantia that he give answer to the time he had spent in contemplation earlier in the day.  Worthies stood before Their Majesties to extoll Lord Alain's virtues and further reinforce the rightness of the will of Crown.  After being released as a squire, Lord Alain swore fealty to the Crowns of Atlantia and was acknowledged as a Companion of  the Order of the Laurel for his prowess and generosity as a brewer.  

Here ends my account of the awards and recognition given by Their Majesties, Christoph and Adelhait, that I witnessed on the 18th of May, Anno Societatis LIV

In service,
Master Eldred AElfwald

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