[MR] BBC: Norfolk Brooch Declared Treasure

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford mallardlodge1000 at gmail.com
Sun May 5 02:41:27 PDT 2019

Noble Friends,

Archaeologist and part-time metal detectorist Tom Lucking has again lived
up to his name by finding an 800 year-old brooch which has just been
declared as treasure. Mr. Lucking is noted for a Saxon pendant he uncovered
in 2017.

The most recent piece was found last September. It is features two stylized
lions and a pair of purple stones. The brooch is pictured at
https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-48136011 . The Norwich Castle
Museum has expressed interest in buying the brooch, which they hope to
display next to the Saxon pendant.

How does this guy do it?

Yours Aye,

Mungo Napier, Laird of Mallard Lodge  🦆

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