[MR] Archery at Ymir

Megan Ladd mladd28 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 13:11:28 PST 2019

Weather permitting, there will be archery at Ymir!

The range will open after court concludes on Saturday morning, at
approximately 11am. It will be open until noon for Royal Rounds and general
practice shooting. Our novelty shoot and competition will begin at noon and
conclude at 3pm. Additionally, Noyon Naran Numuchi (Nicholas Freer) has
generously offered to host a period shoot from 1-3pm!

We will have loaner gear available, so please don't let a lack of equipment
stop you from shooting!

In Service,
Lady Margaret Lad
Northern Regional Deputy Chatelain
Kingdom of Atlantia

Gyronny of six purpure and argent, a tree blasted and
eradicated sable between three mullets of seven points purpure.

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