[MR] Last call on lost and found stuff

Karen Whitlock chagankhulan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 11:32:59 PST 2019

Last announcement for Lost and Found from Bright Hills 25th Baronial
Anniversary event.
The updated list is shown below. I will have the collection with me at
future Bright Hills fighter practices until they all get claimed or May
31st - which ever comes first. After that they're up for grabs - first
come, first serve or we have a fundraiser auction.
1. Brown cup w/ no handle. Shiny glaze, straight sides.

2. Purple fleece cloak, unlined, very light weight.
3. Black cloak - heavy fleece. Not lined.
4. Insulated tote bag, tan. Has printed logo reading "Pinder Plotkin LLC
Legal Team" with large P on a blue shield .
5. Site token from Holiday Faire . Wooden with A.S. 53 date.
6. Tiny metal spoon - possibly goes with a salt cellar, 2 1/4 inches long
with shallow bowl.
7. Silver Crab charm with 4 small colored stones on a brass wire.
8. A plastic bag of sea shells.

If you recognize something and want to make arrangements to get it I can be
reached at chagankhulan at gmail.com


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