[MR] Bright Hills 25th Anniversary event Lost and Found.

Karen Whitlock chagankhulan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 16:25:28 PST 2019

Greetings All,
     There was a fair amount of lost/left behind items and I'd really like
to get them back to their owners. IF anything on the list sounds like it's
something you are missing, kindly e-mail me so we can get belings back
where they belong. My E-mail address is chagankhulan at gmail.com or track me
down on Facebook under Karen Whitlock.
Here is the list;
  Black sweat pants.
  Brown cup w/ no handle. Shiny glaze, Straight sides.
  Brown cup w/ no handle. Small curved shape with rough surface and some
  Purple fleece cloak, unlined, very light weight.
  Black cloak- light weight.
  Fake 'Mink' fur brown cloth with lining. Posibly a lap robe or baby
  Black cloak - heavy fleece.
  Faded grayish cloth bag, cotton cord tied to strap. Has some important
papers in it but no name.
  Broken bit of a necklace or bracelet. Amber colored beads and gold
colored length of chain (about 3 inches long in total)

I believe that is everything that is unclaimed. A number of items have
already been claimed that don't show up here. It was quite a pile of gear
that came home with me

Hoping everything gets reclaimed,

Chagan, Autocrat, Bright Hills 25th Anniversary event

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