[MR] Lochmere's Midwinter Feast

Katla Flókadóttir katlaflokadottir at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 07:32:29 PST 2019

Please Join the Barony of Lochmere for our Midwinters Event, January 25,
2020. The feast is as follows:

Elizabethan Feast
First Remove
• Sallet with Vinaigrette
• Cheese Tart
• Orenge Preserves
• Manchet
• Butter & Hearbes
• Apples of Love
Second Remove
• Pan Fried Beans
• Boneless Turkey in a Coffin with sauce
• Roasted Sweet Potatoes
• Farts of Portingale
• Baked Artichokes
• Boiled Peas
Third Remove
• Custard
• Cherries Confection
· Fritters of Spinnedge
· Marchpane

If you have questions about feast please contact Lady Katla Flokadottir at
katlaflokadottir at gmail.com

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