[MR] Night in Navarre

Sarah Toich simonedebarjavel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 17:57:59 PDT 2019

Good evening Atlantia, I’m home again and can finally express my gratitude
to those who made Night in Navarre a success.

There were so many people who helped in ways big and small I can’t remember
everyone and I apologize in advance if I don’t include your name. Thank you
to everyone who helped.

 First THANK YOU to everyone who showed up for set up at 7 am.  So many
folks showed up to get the tents up, the parking set up, the hall set
up…some were there working all day. There were fighters that came off the
field in the afternoon and helped take everything down and pack it up.
Thank you to: Olaus for managing the field, Caius for managing the hall,
Ashton, Reynard, Anne and Cormac for hauling poles, list field and tents,
Anne for the A&S, Misha and Christiana for managing the parking, Bryn for
managing the gate, Tatiana for handling the children’s activities, Margery
for handling hospitality, Arianna for handling Lochmart, Kalisa for being
Royal Liaison, Genevieve for being MOL, Angelo as Chatelain, Fernfael for
being MIC, Kryss for running the thrown weapons, Wynn for the heralding
consult table, and Xenophon for wrangling the fabulous feast (those who
didn’t stay really missed one of the best).

Thank you to Haus Wulfshaven for running the highly successful lunch to
support our fighter practice site.

Thank you to everyone who decorated the hall and who stayed to clean up
afterward. A big shout out to our neighbors Baron Gabrel for 7 am set up
and Baron Harold and Baroness Ceridwen for staying to help clean up.  A
huge thank you to Lady Faye and Sir Aelfred for filling in wherever needed
and staying until the very end. An additional thank you to Christiana for
being willing to step in as autocrat on Thursday afternoon when there was a
death in my family and it looked as though I’d have to be in Charleston on
the day of the event.

A huge thank you to Their Majesties Adelheit and Christoph for coming
despite Her Majesty’s illness and staying all day despite His Majesty’s
injury thus demonstrating their determination and love for Atlantia with
Their grace and kindness.

And finally, I wish to call upon all to witness the efforts of Baron Cormac
and Baroness Sarra, who drove onsite at 7 am with a trailer full of kitchen
equipment and left with the kitchen equipment, list field, tents and hall
decor just as I was checking doors to lock them. They came, set up and
broke down tents, worked troll, fought, hosted TRM, held court, cleaned and
made sure everything got done. Your Excellencies truly inspire me.

Duchess Simone

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