[MR] Spring Crown Tournament

Sarra de Vicenza baroness at lochmere.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Apr 11 17:04:12 PDT 2019

Atlantia! Crown Tournament will soon be here and we hope you can join the
Barony of Lochmere and the Shire of Spiaggia Leventina for this wonderful
day of Chivalry, Beauty and Fighting!

Just a few notes to start:

~ PayPal is currently open for another week or so, please get your
reservations in early. Feast looks amazing and we hope you all will be able
to join us.

~ There will be camping and House Rosegate will be offering a Travelers'
Feast on Friday night for an nominal fee, a pre-registration form will be
coming soon.

~  To reserve list space please contact Lord Lewin de Partone, at
Bparton2365 at yahoo.com
<bparton2365 at yahoo.com?Subject=Spring%20Crown%20Tournament> Phone:
302-922-3232 weekdays after 3pm. Please include the size of your day-shade,
without ropes.

~ If you are coming across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge near Annapolis, please
be aware, if you have a trailer, or tall vehicle and there is a wind
advisory, you may have an issue as they will close the bridge if it is bad
enough. Please plan accordingly.

~ Also, it is getting into beach season and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge can
be very busy during this time of year, especially if the weather is nice
(which we are hoping for). I would highly (highly, highly) advise an
EZ-Pass, it can save you a lot of time, or you may end up having to sit at
a toll-both for a while. I am not familiar with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Tunnel near Norfolk so I cannot comment on that route. If you have never
been to the Eastern Shore, it is very beautiful and peaceful and somewhat
remote, but is also full of speed traps, watch your speed because the
highway patrol will be out in force.

If you have any questions please let myself or my co-autocrat, Lady Anne
d’Evreaux know.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all there!

Baroness Sarra de Vicenza & Lady Anne d’Evreaux

Baroness at lochmere.atlantia.sca.org
Anne.devreux at yahoo.com

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