[MR] New to Atlantia? New to a polling Order? Just want to be prepared?

Aedan Aylwyn aedan at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 27 08:30:37 PDT 2018

New to the Kingdom? Just recognized with your first polling Order (Peerages
and Atlantia's Orders of High Merit)?

You need to make sure you have your AEL (Atlantia Enterprise Login) account.
This is your online gateway to so much helpful information. If you've ever
signed up for University classes, you've used your login. What you may not
know about is the need to have your login linked to your OP entry to drive
all of your polling/watch list participation.

>From the Watch List FAQ:

So far the biggest issue has been when people create new accounts then
immediately log in, they complain that they cannot see their Orders. It
needs to stressed that especially with new accounts they need to contact the
ESP Admin after creating the account. The Account and the OP are separate
entities. The ESP is bridging that gap, the account provides the security,
but the OP tells the system which orders you are a member of and should be
able to see. So, when a new account is created it is not associated with an
OP entry, they need to contact the ESP Admin to make that connection. Once
made they will gain access to all the orders they are a member of according
to the OP, and when they are inducted into new orders they will
automatically gain those as soon as the Heralds update the OP.

Get your AEL login here if you don't already have one. Contact email for the
ESP Admin is in the footer of all Atlantia web pages (currently it is Sir


Get set up today. ;-)

In joyful service,

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