[MR] Recognizing those that do amazing things

Aedan Aylwyn aedan at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 20 10:14:05 PDT 2018

See someone doing noteworthy deeds, serving quietly, making beautiful art,
teaching, or fighting with increasing skill? 

Make the effort and take that step. Go to https://award.atlantia.sca.org/,
login in and put in your recommendation. Anyone can recommend a gentle for
any award or Order. You don't have to have that award yourself. Take an
extra step and visit the Order of Precedence first to ensure they aren't
already recognized that way.

Help out our Crowns by providing that note that just might be the tipping
point to seeing a deserving person get recognized.

Who doesn't do this near enough, but I'm trying to get better.

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