[MR] Hurricane Preparations

Atlantian Seneschal seneschal at atlantia.sca.org
Wed Sep 12 17:00:31 PDT 2018

With Hurricane Florence taking aim at the center of the Kingdom, I ask all
of you to heed the warnings of your local authorities and evacuate or
shelter as appropriate.
An unofficial Facebook group has been established to enable members of the
Kingdom to request or offer assistance as needed.  Here's the link:

Lady Rhiannon has offered to act as the Kingdom's Disaster Relief
Coordinator for the duration of this event, she is cc'd on this message.

The main thing is to be safe, follow the guidance from local authorities,
and as your situation permits, let folks know your status.

Take care,

Seneschal, Kingdom of Atlantia
seneschal at atlantia.sca.org

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