[MR] Scrivener Royal Competition at Coronation

Atlantian KMoAS atlantiankmoas at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 13:41:26 PDT 2018

I am forwarding on the Scrivener Royal Competition Information.

Greetings all from The Scrivener Royal to TRM Dietrich and Una, Mistress
Mordeyrn Tremayne!

My time as Scrivener Royal grows short and TRH Ragnarr and Lynette must
choose who will succeed me. To this end there will be a competition at Fall
Coronation, on 6-Oct-18.

This Competition will be an Open Theme Competition, whatever you are
working on (backlog scroll wise), please bring! Scribes, please look to
your backlog assignments and bring one (or more) to show off at Coronation.
Their Royal Highness will choose from the offerings to select Their Royal

Should you need a backlog assignment, please contact the Backlog Deputy at
backlog at atlantia.sca.org. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate
to contact me (angela.k.sharpe at gmail.com)

Ever in Service to Crown and Kingdom

Mistress Mordeyrn Tremayne, OP, OL

*Yours, in Service & Art,*

Lady Marion le Red
*Atlantian Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences*

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