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Mon Nov 5 16:47:37 PST 2018

So much planning and manual labor goes into a feast.  When those eating the feast come away too full to move, when they ask for seconds and left-overs, it warms the hearts of those who spent they day preparing it.
Such was this past Crown feast.
As Guild Mistress, I have many thanks to give.  Meisterin Adina is my first recipient.  Thank-you for trusting the Bright Hills Cooks Guild to provide a feast for this event.  To Brienna, head cook, Jeanne, Cordelia, Bruce, Raven, Aye, Llywelyn, Deirdre, Sindara, Sfi, Livia and her husband, Karen and her husband and son for planning, shopping, preparing, plating and packing...and everything else.  To Baron Alric and all those inspired by him to wash dishes, clean surfaces and sweep the floor.  To Their Majesties, Their Highness's and the marvelous populace of Atlantia who partook of the feast...You all have my deepest and heartfelt thanks.  It is such a small word, but it holds gratefulness, appreciation, love, trust and hope.
Thank-you all!
A special thanks to our missing member Baron Gustav, who spent Friday under the surgeons steady knife and is today at home after heart surgery.  We missed you and wish you well and hope to see you soon.
If I have missed someone please forgive me...and let me know.
Atlantia, you  marvelous kingdom you...Long my your banners wave.

Baroness Wynne ferch Rhodri
Guild Mistress Bright Hills Cooks Guild

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