[MR] Call for LOIs

Nikulai Ivanovich nikulai at atlow.org
Mon Nov 5 13:13:49 PST 2018

Greetings Atlantia from Posadnik Nikuali Ivanovich, Kingdom Minister of the

The time for me to step down as KMOL draws nigh. Those interested in
applying for the position should send a letter of intent including their
SCA and modern resumes to the Kingdom Earl Marshal by 5 December 2018.

The Kingdom Book of Law describes the duties of the KMOL as follows.

*5.16.1 Duties of the Kingdom Minister of the Lists (KMOL) *

In addition to those pertaining to all Officers of State, the Kingdom
Minister of the Lists shall:

• Maintain accurate records of the fighting activities, the authorized
fighters of the Kingdom, and the marshallate

• Provide such rosters as needed to the Earl Marshal, local ministers of
lists, and knight marshals

• Supervise and coordinate the actions of all List Officers within the

• In conjunction with the MoL training deputies, train, warrant, and keep
an active list of warranted MoLs

• Organize tournaments, record the results, and ensure that the list is run
correctly and efficiently

• Be responsible for all the paperwork necessary to maintain fighter

• Run the List Table (or find a suitable replacement acceptable to both the
Kingdom Earl Marshal and the Crown) at Crown Tournament

• Work in partnership with the Marshals administering combat activities

• Issue authorization cards and update and maintain the fighter database

• Propose change in policy for the office as needed

Yours in Service,

-          Nikulai

Master Nikulai Ivanovich, OP
Or, on a bend cotised sable three fox masks palewise or
Saepe dormitans at semper vigilans. - Often sleeping, but ever vigilant.

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