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Brian Caswell bmc at shmoo.com
Mon May 14 11:11:51 PDT 2018

Are you a rapier marshal in need of a class to keep your warrant active?
Would you like to have the honor of donning a tabard of "Sable, two rapiers
in saltire Or"?  Or would you like to hear how we're doing inspections for
the new society C&T rules?

Never fear, we have options coming all around the kingdom.  Taught by a
variety of people, the Rapier Marshal 101 class will be available at the
following activities:

    Lochmere Practice - 5/15
    Ruby Joust - 5/26
    Summer University - 6/16
    Blades & Bows - 6/30

If you still need an update, please let me know directly, and we'll figure
out how best to get you this class.

Master Brian de Moray, KRM

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