[MR] Return to Crecy

Annora Hall annorahall at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 17:01:54 PDT 2018

Greetings Populace,

There seems to be trouble a foot in our fair land.  Our event of Return to Crecy, June 22-24, as noted on the Kingdom calendar, appears to be missing its webpage, www.returntocrecy.org.  Now, it is very likely that during our last update this was omitted by myself.  I, however, have come to suspect it was the work of the English or the French forces who want the fight at Crecy to sway in their favor.

I beseech the populace of Atlantia to help us represent both forces on the field at Crecy.  Competitions by sword, horse, thrown weapon, and arrow will be joined with those of Arts and Sciences.  Classes, Merchants, and Youth activities will also be present to help occupy your time.  In lieu of a feast, please bring a contribution to our potluck.  

Whether you support the French or the English forces you can find more information on our webpage about these activities, volunteer opportunities, and registration.  

We are looking forward to hosting you at Crecy.
Hælfdige Annora Hall, Autocrat

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