[MR] Wikipedia: "Coronation" of Lambert Simnel

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Noble Friends,

On this date in 1487, the young pretender Lambert Simnel was crowned as
King Edward VI at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. The ten year-old boy
was a puppet figurehead for disgruntled Yorkists who hoped to sized the
English throne from Henry Tudor (aka Henry VII).

The Yorkist forces were defeated at the Battle of Stoke Field on 16 June
1487 and Simnel was captured. Henry Tudor, recognizing that Simnel had been
used by the Yorkists, pardoned the boy. He was given a job in the royal
kitchens turning the spits (where his activities could be closely
monitored--Henry was no fool). As an adult, Simnel became a falconer in
Royal service.

The story of Lambert Simnel can be read at

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