[MR] History Blog: Ludlow Tudor Coin Hoard

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford mallardlodge1000 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 01:10:14 PST 2018

Noble Friends,

Today the History Blog reports on a small hoard of Tudor coins found near
Ludlow in Shropshire. The 20 coins date between 1544 and 1561, spanning
four reigns of five Tudor monarchs. The hoard has gone on display at the
Ludlow Museum, not far from where they were found in 2105. Now cleaned and
preserved, the coins can be seen at
http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/53674 .

Yours Aye,

Mungo Napier, Laird of Mallard Lodge  🦆

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