[MR] Wikipedia: Battle of Damme, 1213

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Noble Friends,

Today Wikipedia's "Did You Know . . . " section concerns the naval Battle
of Damme in 1213. A fleet of several hundred French galleys and cogs was at
Damme in support of Phillip II's siege of Ghent. The crews were mostly
ashore pillaging the local Flemish countryside. The undermanned French
ships were attacked by a smaller English fleet sent by the Bad King John to
relieve his Flemish allies. Some 300 ships were captured, and another 100
beached on the shore were burned. Much plunder was taken by the English.
Phillip was forced to break off his siege and rush to Damme. He ordered the
rest of his fleet to be burned or scuttled to keep the ships out of English
hands. The loss of the French ships ended Phillip's plans for a possible
invasion of England.

You can learn more about the Battle of Damme and its causes/consequences at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Damme .

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