[MR] Fwd: Baronial Champions in Dun Caraig

Jacintha of Highland Foorde jacintha74 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 10:54:46 PST 2017

Greetings unto Atlantia,

Psst! Youth in Dun Carraig hold TWO Champion positions!

m'Lady Penny of Foxedene is the newest Bardic Champion

m'Lady Mia of Dun Carraig is the newest Archery Champion

Our Youth ARE amazing!

Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde
Kingdom Chancellor of Family and Youth Activities
Kingdom of Atlantia
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vert and a compass rose argent
youth at atlantia.sca.org

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* For it is in giving that we receive *
*    Francis of Assisi 1185-1226    *

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From: Thea Glas <theadenes at gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM
Subject: Baronial Champions in Dun Caraig
To: Youth at atlantia.sca.org

Just a little brag for our Youth...

Both our Bardic Champion (Penny of Foxedene) and our Archery Champion
(Mia...oh drats I forget if she is using a surname or if she's just using
"of Dun Carraig") are *not yet teenagers! Both, I believe, 6th graders, Mia
is 11 and Penny might be 12. And they are both *amazing*
Surely this is some sort of special record, yes?
And I was sure no one would think to tell you about it. So now you know.
What was remarkable is that everyone seemed to think it was a pretty normal
thing...I have to admit I love that...

Greetings from the penninsula -
Thea de Nes

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