[MR] From the Armored Combat MiC for Holiday Faire -- Fighters, your attention please!

Dexter Guptill 3fgburner at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 18:19:06 PST 2017

It is the wish of the Autocrat and MoL, that the main Tourney be fought in
the Warlord fashion: The first round will be one-on-one. The winners in
that round become captains of two-fighter teams, and the second round is
two-on-two. Winning captains continue in command, and absorb losing teams.
The final will be half the list versus the other half.

There is a "fee" to enter the Warlord list: An inexpensive toy, with which
to replenish the Kingdom's Chest of Kiddie Goodies.  Should you find
yourself unable to procure such, I will have a few onsite. The "price" will
be a buck or two in the Kingdom Travel Fund.

For those who still have some fight in them after the Warlord tourney, a
Bear Pit will ensue. This will run until all who wish, have bopped till
they dropped.

Ld Erich von Kleinfeld,
Armored-Combat MiC for Holiday Faire,

"Maxim 37: There is no overkill. There is only 'Open Fire', and 'I need to
reload'. " http://www.schlockmercenary.com

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