[MR] Seeking New Atlantian Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences - Deadline for Submissions 12-1-17

Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou etienne.le.mons at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 15:45:53 PST 2017

Greetings unto the Kingdom of Atlantia from the interim Kingdom Minister of
Arts and Sciences,

I have accepted the position of Society Minister of Arts and Sciences as of
October 28, 2017, and will be acting as interim KMoAS for Atlantia while my
successor is chosen. We will be accepting applications for the position of
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences until December 1, 2017.

The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences has the following duties that are
related to being a Great Officer in Atlantia:
- Advise the Crown on matters pertaining to their office
- Ensure that Atlantia remains in compliance with the policy and
requirements of the SMoAS.
- Ensure all Kingdom law and policy related to their Office remain accurate
and current.
- Submit such reports as are required by the SMoAS and the laws of the
- Copies of all such reports shall be sent to the Kingdom Seneschal.
- Collect reports from their Officers of State, Deputies and Branch
Officers as defined in the Great Officer’s policy.
- Report on the state of their office to the Crown at Coronation. The Crown
may choose to accept this report by proxy.
- In accordance with Corpora VII K 1, submit a roster of their warranted
Officers of State, any Deputies and all Branch Officers to the Crown for
approval at Coronation. A copy of the roster must be provided to the
Kingdom Seneschal.
- Attend Curia Regis or send a representative in the form of one of their
warranted officers as a proxy.
- Attend Unevent and host meetings with Officers of State, Deputies and
Branch Officers as needed.
- Supervise and coordinate the actions of their Officers of State, Deputies
and Branch Officers throughout the Kingdom.
- Warrant qualified individuals as Branch Officers.
- Warrant Officers of State, deputies, Branch Officers and any At Large
Officers by individual warrant or by roster for a period of time determined
by the policy of the Great Officer. Warrants and rosters shall include, at
minimum, the local Branch Officer’s membership number and the information
required by Corpora VII K 1.
- Ensure, at least once per reign that all warranted Branch Officers are
members of the SCA, Inc. with access to the Kingdom newsletter.
- Ensure that anyone warranted in an office that directly supervises
minors, such as youth marshals and youth coordinators, have completed and
passed the background check process per Society requirements.
- Designate and train an Emergency Deputy. The name and appropriate contact
information of that person shall be published on the Kingdom web site.
- Provide training to any Officers of State, Deputies and Branch Officers
as necessary.

The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences further has the following duties
that are specifically related to being the position of KMoAS:
- Responsible for promoting and fostering Arts and Science activities
within the Kingdom, for encouraging Royal and other noble patronage of
artisans, and for fostering the creation and growth of guilds within the
- Responsible for and oversee the Kingdom Notables as outlined in the
Charter of Atlantian Kingdom Notables in Appendix E of Kingdom Law.
- Coordinate with the Arts and Sciences officers of the Kingdom to
regularly sponsor classes, symposia, and other educational opportunities to
acquaint the populace with the basic knowledge and skills vital to the
continuing growth and life of the arts and sciences within the Kingdom.
- Promote the historically accurate representation of medieval arts and
sciences through competitions, education, and demonstrations.
- Be responsible for the organization and conduct of the Kingdom Arts and
Sciences Festival, including attending and overseeing the competitions.
- Interpret and maintain the Kingdom rules and judging criteria for Arts
and Sciences competitions, including advising judges in competition as to
fair judging format, and ensuring that judging criteria are readily
available to Arts and Sciences Officers in each group within the Kingdom.
- Appoint deputies as necessary to fulfill the requirements of the office.
- The Kingdom Minster of Arts and Sciences reports directly to the Society
Minister of Arts and Sciences and must make quarterly reports.

If you have any questions, need a more detailed job description, or wish to
send in an application, please contact me at KMOAS at atlantia.sca.org
A copy of your application should also be sent to Their Majesties at
TRM at atlantia.sca.org

It has truly been my pleasure to serve this Kingdom and the Society, and I
look forward to a future full of opportunities for serving my beloved

Yours, in Service & Art,
Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou
Atlantian Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences

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