[MR] Known World Squires' Tournament at Pennsic

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Sat Jul 22 08:19:43 PDT 2017

Greetings to those from the Chivalry and Squires who find themselves at
Pennsic, words from my Knight.

Thank you for your indulgence and feel free to cross post to relevant

Unto the Chivalry  and squires of the Known World, greetings from Duke
Logan Ebonwoulfe, Kingdom of Atlantia.

It is with great pleasure that I  announce  the 20th Anniversary of the
Annual Known World Squire Championship Tourney.  I invite all of you to
enter your squires in this double elimination tournament.  The purpose of
this is to showcase our best students, in martial competition, chivalry,
and honor.  It is also my desire to see some friendly rivalries develop
between the future leaders of the Known World.  As all of you are aware, we
have created many friendships, through combat, that have spanned across our
kingdom’s boundaries.  I would like to see these existing, and future,
bridges strengthened.  This year the tourney will be Tuesday, August 8th at
2:00 pm on the “Red List” (furthest South and East, closest to the merchant
area of Battle Road

The tourney will be run in a standard “Atlantian Speed Tourney” format.   A
hand painted scroll will be presented to the winner of the tourney, after
the conclusion of the tournament.

The scroll will have the signatures/marks of all the Knights/Masters
present.  It will be complete, with the exception of a blank belt tip (for
their Knight’s/Master’s arms).

This tournament is open only to those fighters in a formal relationship to
a member of the SCA Order of Chivalry.  There is no sign in, the
Knight/Master need not be present but we do ask all members of the Chivalry
to sign the scroll.

Best regards,

Duke Logan

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