[MR] Archery at War of the Wings

Lorelei Elkins via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed Aug 23 07:26:06 PDT 2017

Good morning from your WoW Archery Marshal in Charge.  Just a few tidbits
of information to pass along.  There will be Royal Rounds, Competitions,
Classes and an awesome night shoot!

The archery range will be across the pond as it was last year but
accessible from the armored combat side of the field, not the farmhouse
side.  I will place directional arrows to assist you.

We encourage newcomers to visit the range as well as new archers and kids.
We will have loaner gear and beginner instruction available.

We encourage non-archers, (armored combatants, artisans, camp layabouts,
etc.) to shoot for War Points.  Yes, we will give instruction and set you
up with equipment.....and keep a close eye on  you.

We will have a separate kids range area if we have enough marshals to
supervise that area but otherwise kids will shoot at one end of the War
children if the children are shooting.  Please do not send the kids to the
range with an older sibling or a stray adult from camp.

We'll flesh out the schedule more in the coming weeks but the preliminary
schedule is at: http://www.warofthewings.com/archery_shoots.html

Thank you!  Please let me know in a private e-mail if you have any

Best Regards,
Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe - MiC-Archery

Baron Christophe of Grey - Deputy MiC - Archery

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