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Noble Friends,

On this date in 1399 Henry of Bolingbroke was proclaimed King of England 
as Henry IV. The big problem was somebody else, namely Richard II 
(Henry's cousin), was already king. Henry's solution was to clap his 
weak-willed rival into prison at Pontefract Castle. An assassination 
plot against Henry early in 1400 sealed Richard's fate, and he was 
starved to death (or possibly starved himself). Naughty, these English 

Henry IV was the first King of England in the House of Lancaster, a 
branch of the Plantagenets. His father was John of Gaunt, one of the 
numerous sons of Edward III. Good pedigree, though Richard had been 
descended from Edward III through his son and heir Edward, the Black 
Prince. Confused? No surprise. That's why we have heralds to sort all 
this stuff out.

Here is more about Henry IV: 

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