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If you would like to take a class slot to teach, email me at
arts at stierbach.org

Holiday Faire 2016 - A&S Activities

⦁ 11 - 12 - "How to identify different styles of cutwork/lace embroidery" -
Marlene Wells Martineau
⦁ 12 - 1 - To Be Announced
⦁ 1 - 2 - To Be Announced
⦁ 2 - 3 - To Be Announced

Competition One - A Viking We Will Go
A competition for Viking themed Arts and Sciences! Know a craft that has
been around since the age of the Danes? Made something in the style of
something pillaged during the Viking raids? Sewn something that would
adorned either side of the raids? Bring it to Holiday Faire! This year's
theme is A Viking We Will Go! Anything from 790 A.D. up to and including
1066 A.D. from either the cultures that went a viking or the cultures that
were pillaged will be accepted. Documentation is important, even if it is
only an EZ-doc (however, the better your documentation, the better your
points in that category!). Show us what you know -and- what you can do!

Competition Two - Pretty Little Pincushion
Announcing the Pretty Little Pincushion Competition sponsored by Lady Amie
Sparrow! Create a pincushion that is creative and pretty! Your inspiration
can be anything from 600-1600 A.D. Your entry does not have to be
historically accurate…this is just historically inspired. Documentation is
not required, but I’d love to see an image of the work that inspired you.
This is a judge’s choice competition. There won’t be any judging forms. So
create something fun and inspiring. The prize is a sewing box of sewing

Competition Three - Scroll Blank
Come one, come all intrepid illuminators! Regardless of your preference for
gouache, acrylic, or period pigments made with glair! Whether your surface
is made from the hide of an animal or the flesh of the tree! Let us see
what you can do! Any period from 600-1600 A.D. only 1 blank per person
though please. Documentation is nice, but not required. Blanks will be
donated to the Scrivener Royal of that reign.

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