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Unto their Atlantian Majesties, Their Royal Highness's and populace of Atlantia does Brehyres Wynne ferch Rhodri send greetings and another court report...

Such was the might and nobility of our Atlantian Majesties that, by the time evening court commenced the clouds opened unto a bright Atlantian blue sky.  Even the wind calmed itself...a little, when their Majesties and those attending them entered and took their seats.

At our Sovereigns word, this Herald called into court Lady Lisette la Rouxe.  She had been set on vigil the night before by Queen Thora to contemplate entrance into the order of The Pelican.  The ladies renown and service were well know and she was spoken most highly of by Countess Aryanna Hawkyns for the Ladies of the Rose, Chevalier Joselin d 'Outremere for the chivalry, Master Alan of Gravesend for the Order of Defense, Mistress Gracia Esperanca de Seville for the Order of the Laurel and Master Robert Bedingfield for the Order of the Pelican.  In hushed tones, Lisette affirmed her desire to become part of the Order and with words most serious and binding both she and Their Majesties made oaths to one another.  Mistress Lisette la Rouxe arose to cheers and a grand welcome from her fellows.   

This was certainly not the end of court as Sebastian of Ponte Alto and Kailey Erwinsdottir were called into court.  Kneeling before the thrones, both were quizzed on their contributions to Atlantia and as a result of their service Sebastian was awarded a Sea Urchin especially for his care of an Atlantian fighter bearing water and shade during Pennsic past and Kailey a Hippocampus for her water bearing, kitchen work, help with children and the arts.  Such is the skill of our children, their service and great love of our Kingdom,  that this Herald is most certain she will see them soon enough receiving many higher awards in future.

Their Majesties then welcomed the rest of Atlantia's children before them.  Asking of their day and how well they enjoyed, it was then decided that Chevalier Joselin's newest squire should bear away the treasure chest of toys for the children to follow.  Though he made our younglings work hard for their booty, they did indeed capture him and much laughter and serious choosing of treasure was made.

While the children debated among themselves on which toys to take home, three fine gentles were called forward. Each was spoken of highly by King and Queen and it was declared that all three should be ennobled with an Award of Arms; Alexina Mac Suibhne for brewing fiber arts, serving as Arts and Sciences Minister in Storvick, Clara Brauer for her service to Roxbury Mill as web minister, calligraphy, kitchen work and Serephina Joycors for her work with children in Bright Hills and her joyful service to all. 

Lady Gwene verch Llywelyn and Mistress Ariana Morgan were awarded the Herring for the stepping into the role of Autocrat for Nacht in der Stadt.  An fine effort was made by both and the event went well and was enjoyed by all.

Brighid of Dragonsong ans Jeremy of Dragonsong were both called forward to be honored for their music and musical group which made for sweet days and joyous nights at 12th Night, Pennsic and Gulf Wars.  So too, their love of music and the sharing of such was to be honored with a Coral Branch that also bestowed an Award of Arms for both.  Rising Lady Brighid and Lord Jeremy made their way back to their seats no doubt planning their next concert to delight Crown and populace alike.

There was but one new comer this day, but she was welcomed most heartily and enjoined to return as many times as she could.

Master Callixtus Gill, current Territorial Baron of Windmaster's Hill was made a Baron of the Court of Atlantia, much to Their Majesties pleasure and delight.

By now, the populace was growing restless, for there was one more accolade to be given but first Their Majesties has cause to call in Lady Barbara McCauley, Lord Seamus O' Maoil Rian and Lady Khaula bint Isma'il ibn Mujahid al-Zarqa.  Each was awarded and welcomed into the Order of the Opal; Barbara for her Chatelaine service of 15 years to Ponte Alto and for welcoming newcomers and scribes with evenings in her home, and work involving the kitchen, Seamus for his activity in Ponte Alto which includes serving a court herald, as rapier marshal for 10 plus years, and for his willingness to offer of himself to any who ask and Khaula, who minded Troll and bore water to thirsty fighters at Pennsic War, her wondrous balloon animals at the Children's Fete and acting as Youth Minister for Highland Foorde.  All three were overcome with this award and promised to continue their service to Atlantia.

Finally, after awaiting Their Majesty's pleasure and sitting vigil, Lord Brian de Moray was called into court to hear words from several worthies of Atlantia and receive induction onto the Order of Defense .  Sadly, your Herald was quite overcome with the grandeur and solemnity of the moment that she failed to write down each worthy's name.  But she does remember that Chevalier Joselin, Master Alan and Master Giacomo were in attendance.  Upon binding himself to the Crown with a mighty oath, her Majesty Thora, with glove in  hand delivered the buffet and invited Master Brian to accept his new position and service to our Kingdom by picking it up from the ground.  This he did right well and with all gladness.  

Both the Barony of Storvick and the Barony of Loch Mere were given leave to hold their own courts, but that is a matter for their own heralds to report.  Suffice it to say, many members of each barony went away with uplifted hearts and great awards and recognition for their works and service.

As the final court closed, King Dietrich, feeling perhaps a bit famished, called for a closing of Their court to which Queen Thora agreed as there was a lovely feast just waiting for Them and the populace to partake in.  And thus ended the evening court at Battle on the Bay, where none lost and all won a fine days pleasure.

Once again I, Brehyres Wynne ferch Rhodri, Blue Shark Herald,  do submit this report as a correct accounting to the best of my ability.  Should I have reported something incorrectly please advise me and I will correct it.

In service,
Wynne Blue Shark

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